Thinker, provocateur, poet, author, performing artist, and radical lover of God and people. William Owens walks within the realm of the spiritual while living within the realm of the temporal. It is this holy tension that brings him face to face with God's Spirit moment by moment to work out the mystery of the spiritual life in a relevant and meaningful way.

He considers himself a warrior in the purest sense of the word. A fighter against the forces of evil and for the spiritual good of all. A carrier of the banner of righteousness, compassion and the speaker of the unadulterated truth founded upon the eternal Word of God - and this without apology or preface, without pretense or offense, without influence of systemic cultural relativism that only serves itself.

William is a provocateur because he forces the issues to manifest it's true self, to expose the hidden motive and to challenge agendas that are rooted in fear. A fear whose source is found in spiritual wickedness, powers of a dark source that only yield to an authority founded upon the Word of God delivered with a love and compassion not found in mortals.

As a poet, author and performing artist, William captures the gifts that God has bestowed upon him through writing, directing and speaking these mysteries with an unbridled expression of passion fueled by God's love for Him and for God's greatest creation; mankind.

Books by William Owens - (Click on the title)
Naked Before God
Poems For America
Bastards in the Pulpit
Warriors Arise!
Poetry Is Me - CD


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