When is the First Lady ever First? This is the question that Psychologist Mary Eckles, the main character in the book, is faced with as she tries to fulfill her best friend’s request to help a number of Pastors and their wives navigate through the world of ministry and faith-based leadership.

Mary, a first lady herself, steps out of her comfort zone and accepts her best friend’s appeal to reach out to this special group of men and women whose heavy anointing to serve is being hindered by their even heavier life challenges. For Mary this may be the biggest undertaking she has ever faced. For these seven men and women it could be the difference between life and death.

This Christian Fictional novel speaks truth to each situation Mary walks these leaders through. From confronting verbal and physical abuse and extramarital affairs to recognizing depression and addressing homosexuality; no subject is left untouched.

As challenges arise in her own family, Mary is forced to make the hard decision to follow her own advice and continue to minister with integrity.

Follow Mary in her journey to find the answer to the much voiced question amongst women leaders, pastors’ wives, and members across a broad spectrum of denominations; when is the First Lady ever first. Her discovery will surprise, enlighten and ring true to your spirit.

Although When is the First Lady Ever First is a Christian novel, the story’s plot gives a voice to women worldwide who have ministry influence over others, but who long for someone to minister to their discouraged hearts. They are trying to do all for God, but need to realize that God wants faith more than works.

BARBARA MCKINNEY is the author of the book. Here are a few details about her career:
• First Lady of St. Stephen’s Cathedral C.O.G.I.C.
• Wife of Bishop George Dallas McKinney of San Diego California
• Practiced Law in Dallas, TX for 33 years
• Municipal Court Judge for the City of Waxahacie
• Associate Counsel for Church of God in Christ, Inc., assigned to
the International Department of Women
• Native of Wichita, KS

• Bachelor of Science—Sociology, Kansas State University
• Master of Science—Public Administration, University of Missouri
• Juris Doctor—Notre Dame University, South Bend, IN


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