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The baby boomer generation occupies volumes of text in an attempt to clarify and quantify its significance. Some wish they were part of that generation while some are happy only to read about it. Whatever your interest, this book attempts to tell our story as it really happened. You will be surprised to learn that not all of us were long-haired, hippy, bong-carrying, good time rock & roll greasers who terrorized old ladies by “mooning” them as they sipped their afternoon tea from their nursing home windows. In fact, if it weren’t for the extensive nostalgic media coverage and financial gains from our stories, we were not too different from any other generation. Depending on your perspective, we were definitely a new breed.

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Our story begins in the humble setting of the Bensonhurst neighborhood in Brooklyn, one of the five boroughs of New York City. It was a place that was not too different from the many other small communities around the country at that time. However, it became the one place that history will remember because of “The Boys of Brooklyn.”

You must be commended for your curiosity. It’s hard to believe that almost 68 years have passed since we arrived as the first wave baby boomers. Our story, although not remarkable to us at the time, has proven to be a landmark cultural experience. Our children have absolutely no idea as to the rewarding experiences we had every day of our lives. There was hardly ever a boring day. We never even thought about what other people were doing; in fact, our neighborhood fulfilled our every need. We hear our Generation X children complain about being bored or having nothing to do, yet there are garages full of every imaginable play thing from sports equipment to dirt bikes, from jet skis to work out stuff just sitting there calling out to them. These complaints due to boredom bring sadness to my heart because they have lost the joy of relationships in favor of material junk. How did it get this way? I hear this from almost every baby boomer I speak with. We spend thousands of dollars buying our kids the happiness and things we never had, yet we created nothing more than momentary entertainment for them.


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