America’s General 11×17 Print


While in Powderly, KY, both William and General Flynn were speakers at the We United Reunion. It would be the last day when William knew the Lord quickened him to write a poem about General Flynn. Upon receiving this from the Lord, William shared the poem with General Flynn at the event. After viewing the video,  he was moved in his heart by the words that he heard.

Approximately four days later, William had written the poem. He shared with General Flynn through a video. Little did William realize, Alfredo, who had invited him to his property to rest and enjoy God’s peace, was an artist. At this point, Alfredo had no idea about the poem. The story is evidence of God’s providence, and this all happened in 10 days!

Twenty-five percent (25%) of the proceeds will always go to the thirteen families who lost their loved ones in Afghanistan in the service of America. They gave their lives to protect and serve our nation.


NOTE: Due to special packaging required to protect the print, shipping is $15 per piece.

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Fearless gaze upon his face
Resolve of gold within his heart
Loyalty of depth beyond the rationale of men
A conviction that compels his spirit
To stand beyond the stand
For the nation whom he loves
For the people whom he serves
For the anthem of Truth, Liberty, and Justice
That must be heard

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