Distribution needs one element to be effective, no matter how huge the model: PEOPLE.  It requires people to tell the story and inspire other people to experience a book, a CD or a movie. We bring you THROUGH PEOPLE Distribution.

The Artist

Every book, every song, every movie starts with inspiration with the heart of a human being.  Without this transaction, there would be nothing for us to do or to experience.  THROUGH PEOPLE Distribution identifies and attracts the best and make their gifts available to our army of distributors who believe and share our faith.


When people talk, other people listen.  When people recommend other people are influenced by that recommendation.  Nothing, nothing and nothing can every compete with relationships and the market place.  THROUGH PEOPLE Distribution rewards people for telling other people about the books, the music and the movies that they love.

National Launch

THROUGH PEOPLE Distribution is preparing to launch nationally Spring 2015.  Enroll today to be amongst the first in your city to bring our books, CD’s and movies to your community.  You can earn up to 50% and even build teams throughout the country.

— The Vision of Through People