Before we became Christians and children of God, we had different forms of beliefs, traditions, customs and ways of life that were handed down to us by our ancestors just the same the gospel of Christ was handed down through the apostles and preserved through the preaching of the word of faith.

Having received the great commission after salvation to share our faith with the world, we have a responsibility to exploit every means possible to reach the ends of the earth with the gospel of Christ, yet we have one barrier which is the different cultures of the world. This barrier must be taken down if we intend to successfully accomplish the great commission.

If you carefully study the missionary journey of Paul the Apostle, you will understand that he through the wisdom of God was able to blend with almost all cultures so that he could get an audience to listen to his message (1Corinthians 9:22). You may not be able to travel far and wide or go on missionary journeys for your voice to be heard; but that is where the vision of Through People helps you.

Through People Distribution helps bridge cultural barriers through our distribution strategy of each one reaching the gospel networking. Through People Distribution gives you a unique opportunity to distribute your gospel movies, books, and musicals which will not only be profitable to you, but will share your faith across cultures thereby glorifying God and bringing several millions to salvation.

Because we believe in gospel networking, connecting our faith to different cultures is easy. Each time someone gets converted to Christ, another door of ministry is opened in his or her culture, making it easy for us to share the gospel to everyone in that culture, thereby expanding the kingdom of God and our distribution network.

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