The importance of Relationship Marketing within the Christian Faith

Relationship marketing has been defined as a stratagem aimed at promoting customer loyalty interaction and long-term commitment. It is designed to develop strong connections with customers by providing them with information directly suited to their needs and interests and by promoting open communication.

In relation to our faith as Christians, relationship marketing has to do with our soul-winning and soul retain-ship strategies, our relationship with other Christians in the church, new converts, potential Christians and our society at large.

Why Relationship Marketing?

To form a strong bond amongst ourselves as Christians and the world around us, we need to continually seek for ways to contribute to the good of ourselves through the teaching of God’s word, helping one another, providing for one another, taking deliberate steps and actions to improve the lives of others.

The world is evolving very fast because of the continuous increase in our daily activities, insecurity, increased immorality and other social vices; it is becoming more difficult to have real friends and as the Bible puts it, True disciples. The resultant effect of this decrease in true discipleship is that there will come a time where there will be need for people to speak up for a particular idea or belief like our faith, and there will be only a handful of people whose voices may be insignificant.

Through People is driven by a vision of connecting people with God and with one another thereby promoting the spirit of discipleship and expanding the kingdom of God. Connecting people with God and one another can only be done with ease when we provide information directly suited to the needs and interests benefit for a hurting world. Remember that the world is hurting and we have the gospel of Jesus Christ to liberate mankind hence we must be involved in networking the world for Jesus. A good network of Christians with a common purpose and believe will result in the same effect as described in Acts 2:42-47.

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