Barbara McKinney

My journey as the First Lady of St. Stephens Church has not always been easy. Being faced with many of my own challenges and real life issues developed into a need to share with other First Lady’s in the hopes that I could help them understand that they are not alone.

It was impressed upon me in early 2012 to write this book.  Not only to help First Ladies, but to help hurting wives, mothers, and other women in our communities; knowing first hand their  plates are often full and running over and they are sometimes focused  on  inconceivable ways out of their pain, hurt and struggle.

I know this book would not have come to fruition if I had not been chosen by God to become a First Lady. In writing this book, I reflected on my First Lady experiences and a host of other experiences derived from practicing law over 30 years dealing with the day to day people issues.

I pray this book helps ladies across this country.  The journey of a First Lady is a challenging yet a rewarding journey.  When we are no longer the First Lady and are no longer in the lime light or have the prestige or designated seat; when the entourage is gone and the church lights are dimmed, we as women of God will be still standing.

Barbara J. Warren McKinney, affectionately called BJ is the First Lady of St. Stephens Cathedral Church of God In Christ, the wife of Bishop George Dallas McKinney.  She presently serves as the President of the Department of Women of her church.

She practiced law for 33 years in Dallas Texas and was a Municipal Court Judge for the City of Waxahachie.  She presently is Associate Counsel for the Church of God In Christ assigned to the International Women’s Department.


Educational Background


  • Bachelor of Science Degree from Kansas State University (Pittsburg Kansas)
  • Masters of Science Degree – University of Missouri
  • Juris Doctor  – Notre Dame Law School, Notre Dame IN

William Owens

Thinker, provocateur, poet, author, performing artist, and radical lover of God and people. William Owens walks within the realm of the spiritual while living within the realm of the temporal. It is this holy tension that brings him face to face with God's Spirit moment by moment to work out the mystery of the spiritual life in a relevant and meaningful way.

He considers himself a warrior in the purest sense of the word. A fighter against the forces of evil and for the spiritual good of all. A carrier of the banner of righteousness, compassion and the speaker of the unadulterated truth founded upon the eternal Word of God - and this without apology or preface, without pretense or offense, without influence of systemic cultural relativism that only serves itself.

William is a provocateur because he forces the issues to manifest it's true self, to expose the hidden motive and to challenge agendas that are rooted in fear. A fear whose source is found in spiritual wickedness, powers of a dark source that only yield to an authority founded upon the Word of God delivered with a love and compassion not found in mortals.

As a poet, author and performing artist, William captures the gifts that God has bestowed upon him through writing, directing and speaking these mysteries with an unbridled expression of passion fueled by God's love for Him and for God's greatest creation; mankind.

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